Cleveland Indians Social Suite

Last year the Cleveland Indians were onto something. They stepped up their marketing and interactivity by creating the Tribe Social Deck. This gave fans and social media addicts a free ticket to a new and desired seat in left field, access to the Indians PR guy and a unique in-game experience that was unrivaled throughout the MLB.

Upgrade, upgrade,

This year, the Cleveland Indians have embraced the fact that social media is not going away. Social media is being embraced fully by the Cleveland Indians. Not only have a handful of the players and management jumped on the Twitter bandwagon, the Tribe Social Deck has been upgraded to the Social Suite.

I was lucky enough to be invited to the suite for Opening Day and of course, I gladly accepted the invite! I knew the @tribetalk was going to be inviting some of Cleveland’s most active twitter-users. The fellow suite attendees were:

@caralageson / @YelpCleveland
@dawgpndgirl / @clevelanddotcom
@craigcalcaterra / @HardballTalk

These guys are cool: @WFNYScott & @DJLitten

Since the experience is entirely different from last year, the Indians were gracious enough to provide us with a taste of what’s new beer and food-wise this year at the stadium. The old-school brews are a nice change of pace from the standard light beers that frequent stadiums.

Your dad's beer!

However, if you’re looking for a free buzz this year, that’s not happening in the Social Suite. Considering the fact the Indians are giving lucky fans access to a suite for free, I’m not surprised the attendees are responsible for their own food and drinks (can you imagine the overhead if they provided food and booze each game!?).

The Indians may have lost the game to the White Sox but I know I’m personally very excited to catch a handful of games from the Social Suite this season. It’s so refreshing that the Indians recognize the value of social media…if only other teams, organizations and companies would do the same!

Rob, Cara, Allan, Dominic, Alana, Scott

The view from the Tribe Social Suite.

If you want to catch a game or two from the Social Suite, you can apply at

Have you been to the Social Deck? Try to check out the Social Suite! Go Tribe!

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