A blessing in disguise

On Friday, we were supposed to have granite countertops installed (!!!!!). I have been looking forward to this for a very long time. We picked out the stone (Alaskan White) and the D polished it after work last week. This was going to be the first step towards having a new kitchen (tile, sliding door, paint, etc. as we already have new appliances). However, things didn’t quite go as planned.

Alaskan White: Will eventually be on our kitchen countertops.

I stayed out of the way, but knew when I saw the look on the D’s face that something must have gone wrong. After moving the stove, we learned that we had major water damage seeping from the master shower. Our cabinets were ruined by black mold. Oh boy. We can’t do a thing in the kitchen until we completely demo the master bathroom. This is one of those unexpected expenses that accompanies home ownership.

A crappy picture, but you get the idea. To the left is the master shower, to the right is the functioning 2nd bath.

I was a little worried about the D freaking out. The expenses will surely add up. But, this isn’t entirely a bad thing. The D works at Design Surfaces, we have already had numerous offers from various friends and family to help with the demo, installations, etc. Not to mention my dad is a general contractor who will absolutely be giving us his time, advice and expertise.

The bathroom was the next project on the ‘to-do’ list, it just happens that it got jolted to the top of the list. The next few months will be trying living without a master bath (thankfully we have a second bathroom to use in the meantime), a functional kitchen and the general chaos that comes with major renovations. However, we’re both excited. We know we have people who we trust helping us and it will add great value to the house.

I will admit, it was exciting picking out tile for the bathroom on Saturday. I’ve been to the store hundreds of times over the years; witnessed friends and family pick out products for their homes, watched the D lend his knowledge to customers. Now, it’s our turn to collaborate and make significant decisions. After walking through the showroom a few times, we both agreed that we liked a gray tile with an accent of black/clear/white glass.

Needless to say this wasn’t how we expected to start the weekend. But, we’re determined to make the best out of a situation that isn’t quite ideal, or planned for that matter.

Have you been through a similar experience? I’m open to advice, tips and suggestions!

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