Bachelorette partying in Ellicottville, NY

My prom date (aka one of my lifelong best buddies) is getting married! He shockingly picked a wonderful girl to marry, Beth 😉 . Beth and I have become good friends over the past few years and she was kind enough to include me in her bachelorette party festivities. The plan: Après ski, hot tub and overall shenanighan’s. Sign me up!

The wacky weather had other intentions. When Court, Linds, Andrea and I packed up the car in CLE, it was a balmy 78-degree February day. Alas, the ski gear stayed home but we all packed our party pants.

After our 3-hour drive to Great Valley, NY, we got dolled up and went to a swanky private dinner in the basement of Dina’s. After we got a base in our belly, it was off to the Gin Mill for a quick drink then we wrapped up the evening at Balloon’s. Hysteria ensues at Balloon’s, for the record (I even ran into a Hyland friend – Hi Analise!).

Not surprisingly, the first night ended up in the chalet hot tub!

Day two was almost a replica of Friday night. Since the 15 of us skipped the slopes, we explored downtown Ellicottville in the daylight. We grabbed some pizza at Dina’s, hit some local shops, grabbed a beer at the Ellicottville Brewing Company and wrapped up our day-venture with another visit to the Gin Mill.

Happy Bachelorette, Beth! #aprésski #beffrey

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Saturday night was more hot tubbing, gifts for the bride-to-be (no photos allowed!) and an old school house party. All in all, a fun girls weekend!

I’d love to check out Ellicottville again with Dean when there is snow on the ground. For a quick trip from Cleveland, Ellicottville is definitely worth considering.

Next up on the Beffrey (Beth + Jeff, get it?!) train: a bridal shower and a destination wedding in Asheville, N.C. Let’s do this!

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