Hello…Is this thing on? 

It’s been 4 months since I blogged. Before that, it was a 3-month hiatus. I could keep going, but I think it’s pretty clear this blog has become less of a priority than it was 4, 56 or even 7 years ago.

When DreamHost badgered me that I needed to renew hosting, I eagerly deleted each reminder. The evening before the funds were due, I haphazardly busted out my credit card and renewed The Dawg’s Dish for two more years. I simply didn’t want to flush all these memories, experiences and let’s be honest, work down the toilet.

I mean, I documented Cabela’s puppyhood, our wedding and so many other fantastic adventures Dean and I have had. And I can’t forget the infamous battle with the not-to-be-named Barre studio on the east side.

Ironically, I’ve been seeing my friend Allison (met her from blogging, RIP Green Dog Wine blog) each Saturday morning this year at psycle for Bob’s spinning class. We got to talking about blogging, or really, lack there of. I confessed I renewed my hosting; I forgot to tell her that her blog was my favorite back in 2009, along with Heatha‘s blog (RIP Mile 26 and More). The blog graveyard keeps growing!

In the end, we agreed it’s a difficult call to turn off your personal, but public, online diary that you invested so much time and effort into.

Fun fact: Still friends with Christie (neighbors and co-workers, too) and Heather. The above photo was from a run at Crocker Park in 2011. MEMORIES I’D NEVER REMEMBER: Reason alone to keep this ol’ blog alive.

Do people even read blogs anymore? Working in marketing, I know they do. I read a few local blogs now and again and visit my favorite food blog regularly.

What’s my point?

I’m realistic, this isn’t some aggressive blogging comeback. However, I do want to document the upgrades and updates we (Dean) have done to our (not-so-new anymore) home. I also signed up for the Cleveland Half Marathon with my #HylandLife Fat Camp friends – I used to do a lot of fitness blogging! And honestly, I miss the creative outlet this blog once was for me.

There is never a shortage of fun, friends, family, fitness and food in my life. You may not see as much of it here, but if you’re inclined, follow along on Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter: dawgpndgirl.

Here’s to hoping the next blog is next month, not next quarter!

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  • I’ve had many of the same feelings about my blog and blogging. I actually renewed interest in mine last year and am posting a lot more often now. I was trying to reconnect with CLE bloggers and so many no longer exist! But I agree, blogs are still out there and some are thriving incredibly. Having my own keeps my writing and marketing skills fresh. And like you I couldn’t just delete all of that history.

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