{Over a year later} Backyard renovations: An update!

It was almost exactly one year ago to the date when I blogged about the one or two (or 25) hiccups that happened in our backyard as we tried to do one relatively small project. Where does the Internet time go?! Honestly, if you would’ve asked me a year ago, I thought it all would’ve been done by the fall. Haven’t I learned any better by now?

July 22, 2015

July 22, 2015

Last summer threw some outdoor curve balls our way but that didn’t stop me from hosting the beginning of one epic bachelorette party on those pretty new pavers. Who cares if girls had to walk on unset stone and 2x4s in heels to get there?

missys last fling

As fall approached, we finally got our new, improved and upgraded deck. I’ve been obsessed ever since. No one wants to find water almost leaking into their house, ever. But if you (aka dad) do before interior damage is done, you get insurance to pitch in and wind up with a deck nearly 3 times the original size? OK, I can get behind that.

backyard deck project

Since fall, we’ve added some nice touches to the deck. By we, again I mean Dean and my dad. Between the outdoor ‘kitchen’ area complete with a grill and countertops to the built-in bar area alongside our new furniture, I have found Heaven. It’s in our backyard.

bar and new patio furniture


Oh, I got ahead of myself. That was about two weeks ago 🙂

That husband of mine. His creativity, plans and boyish ideas know no bounds! Before summer 2016 rolled around (and we 100% completed the deck area), it was time for Dean’s Big Kahuna: HIS BACKYARD GARAGE (aka barn, man cave, small home).

shed to garage process

While all this work was being done, there was no stopping Dean and I from being the entertainers we are. Our best friends and family have been making memories at our pad, which is what it’s all about anyways, right? 🙂

garage and yard progress

parties on the new deck

I have to give credit when credit is due. Dean was the mastermind behind all of these updates. However, we both had a vision for the table Dean tirelessly built last year. That vision came together earlier this summer at Alissa + Matt’s engagement party:

matt and alissas engagement party


So, the garage (for the most part) is complete. From all these projects, rain and heavy duty machinery, our yard took a major beating. I thought we were almost done. Again, what do I know?

I forgot that we needed to re-grade the entire yard! Get a Bob Cat and take out the 10-foot weeds that have grown next to the new barn! Pour hundreds of yards of dirt! Spread gravel! Buy boulders! Oh my!

dirt in the backyard

Maybe we’ll be done this summer. Maybe we won’t.

Am I going to stress about it? No. I’ll be reading on the deck until those leaves start falling and it’s time to cheer on the Brownies.

And if you need some help in your yard, my husband and dad aren’t for purchase, but we used: Design Surfaces for the outdoor counter tops, Oster Services and Zbin landscaping.

Editor’s note and husband note: Alana’s blogging talent and time have subsided but maybe next edition we will show how great the deck looks today!

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