A whirlwind weekend, I won’t soon forget

This past weekend was one of those weekends that flies by in a flash, but so many forever memories were made. My family is my everything and this weekend was full of my friends that are a large part of my family. The pictures paint a better picture of that sentiment than I can with words.

It all began Thursday night when we attempted to have a low-key girls night in to catch up and prep for Saturday night’s bachelorette party. When Alissa is in town, low-key somehow always flies out the window. We just love seeing her so much everyone gets a little too excited! Lots of wine was consumed (after the beautiful baby left) and hilarious memories were made.

Marge and the girls!

Marge and the girls! And lots of denim.

While I wrapped up some last minute errands Friday, the evening not-so-surprisingly turned into a milder repeat of Thursday night. When my girls are in town, we make the most of it and Ali had just arrived! As assumed, Saturday morning crept up on me and thankfully, I had the house prepped for the party that was about to kick off to celebrate #MissysLastFling before the ring!!!

The calm group

The calm group

After some bachelorette festivities, the gals loosened up a bit and next thing I knew, we we’re busting out the selfie stick. I think the Moscow Mules encouraged us:

missys bach group

Following dinner and drinks on our patio, we piled into a tour bus equipped with a master bedroom, bathroom, shower and stainless steel refrigerator! And by the push of a button, our driver could extend the ‘living room’ area 4 feet on each side as we were parked! We know how to arrive in style.

Drink, drank, drunk!

Drink, drank, drunk.

Most of Missy’s bachelorette party pics will never see the light of the Internet, as any good bachelorette party-goers should know. We enjoyed bottle service and Sandstorm at Liquid and eventually made our way over to Shooters. So much hilarity took place, mostly from the people watching we did. But I have to say, The Flats are coming back!

Once Sunday rolled around, one would normally nurse their wounds and eat lots of pizza. That wasn’t in the cards since Alissa and her new man we’re staying with us for another day. Off to the marina it was! We couldn’t let Matt go back to Charleston without experiencing one of Dean, Alissa and I’s favorite Cleveland weekend activities…it would have been quite rude.

sunday funday august

In true marina style, we ran into Lori and Tabs who made Sunday a more fun day. After a few hours at Wagar Beach, the South Carolinian’s went to see her fam, and we went back out for a sunset cruise. What a way to end a fabulously-packed yet wonderful weekend celebrating friends and the bride-to-be!

Lake Erie, I love you!

Lake Erie, I love you!

As much as I HATE to see summer go, I am ready for Browns season, tailgating, Missy & Kalman’s wedding…and maybe, just maybe, some down time.

Thanks to Mike for helping hook us up for #MissysLastFling!

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