Backyard renovations: An update

As it goes for most homeowners, what was supposed to be a small upgrade has turned into a many mega projects at our new place. Back in May, I blogged about the beginning of our backyard renovations and on May 12th, I would have guessed on July 22, our backyard entertaining space would be upgraded and complete! But guess what? Not even close.

This is what the back of our house looked like in the beginning of June:

backyard before

When our landscaper began the project of installing installing a drain and grating the ‘nook’ above, he noticed some shoddy craftsmanship. Enter my dad, aka, the guy who gets sh!t done.

greg and the deckOur entire deck had to be torn off! Part of the siding had to be removed! Dean and my dad had to remove a crawl space window that was installed BACKWARDS and replace! They also had to repair and waterproof the back of the house because a huge rain storm was heading our way and the next thing to get ruined by the crappy carpentry they discovered? Our beautiful hardwood floors and walls INSIDE the home! Oy vey.

back of house

The back of the house still looks like this; mostly because we involved our insurance company and that’s never a quick, nor fun, experience.

We may not be thrilled at the lack of outdoor space to enjoy during our first summer at the house, however, this was a major blessing in disguise. All the rain that we’ve had this summer had zero to do with this fiasco. Yet, if we let the deck and siding remain as it was, the inside of the house would have eventually been damaged.

The timing of this hiccup was less than stellar. Three days later, Cleveland could have been mistaken for Seattle. After 12+ hours of incessant rain, we noticed two roof leaks and EIGHT inches of water in our crawl space.

bad weekend in the village

Total nightmare. It was one of those weeks that made us wonder if he made a mistake buying this house! We stepped off that slippery and depressing slope and thankfully could laugh through a lot of this. What would I do without my life-saving Dad, husband and ‘godfather’ Jimmy? I joked to a friend that I would call 911. Seriously.

The roof leaks ended up being very small issues and the lake of water under our house was taken care of by the superheroes listed above.

All the bad led to one glorious upgrade: our new outdoor paver living space! When we eventually build a deck and clean up the backyard, this space will be amazing for everyday hanging out and entertaining:

Pavers in backyardIf you need me for the rest of the summer, I’ll be at the marina. 🙂


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