Charleston Trip #6

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One of my favorite human beings happens to live in Charleston, South Carolina. She’s been down there for about ten years and I’m pretty sure I have six (maybe more?) trips under my belt to see her smiling face. Last month’s trip makes two in the past 13 months for Deano and I!

Downtown Charleston Walking

Dean and I spent our first afternoon exploring, shopping, eating and drinking our way through Charleston’s historic King Street and surrounding areas. I have always loved the charm of the buildings and slow pace of everything down there. We even got to visit our neighbor’s artwork!

After Alissa got off work, our first night was spent screaming at the TV as we watched the first Cavs loss in the NBA Finals. But we didn’t let that ruin our fun:

All in CLE Cavs Selfie

I look special in this selfie stick. However, I love how we captured all of our CLE swag and Theo Bear!

Our first full day was spent at some of the places I have frequented on almost all of my trips to CHS: Poe’s Tavern and Sullivan’s Island! Alissa spent a handful of years living on Sullivan’s so it gives us that warm and fuzzy nostalgia feeling when we visit 🙂

Dean and Alana at Poe's

Sullivan's Island Beach Day

Following a few hours on the beach we had a quick, yet necessary, mind eraser and stopped at an amazing antique shop. What else would we do after that except eat steamed blue stone crab at Alissa’s home base? This was a first for Dean and I – Thanks Matt 🙂

Blue Crab Boil

In the blink of an eye, we woke up on our final day of our trip. We weren’t letting that get us down because we had a day of fun planned: CABANA DAY AT MIXSON! Mixson is a members-only ‘club’ that has a pool, cabanas, bocce, badmitton, fitness classes and of course, food and drink. We need one of these in Cleveland, right?

Mixson Fun 2015

It may have been a quick trip, but we got our Alissa fix in and got to meet that someone special 🙂 🙂

Now, I think it’s time for another girls only trip, am I right, ladies?

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