Pier W’s patio is open for business!

It’s no secret my family and I have a love affair with Pier W, so when I was invited to check out their patio last week, I knew who would be the perfect plus one: my mom!

Alana Edie Pier W

We joined a handful of fun Cleveland bloggers for an evening of celebrating Pier W’s 50th anniversary and the opening of their patio with bubbles, an oyster bar and one stunning sunset.

Since Pier W is sometimes saved for special occasions, the patio lends itself for more casual meals and happy hours. And what’s better than sitting on the patio after a long day at work (or anytime) with happy hour friends, drink specials and finger foods? Sign me up because our window of patio season in Cleveland is limited!

Oyster Bar at Pier W

As the celebratory oysters were shucked, our table decided to order one or two of everything on the patio menu – we were doing our part to make sure everything was up to Pier W standards for you! How very selfless of us. A table favorite? The pork wings. I am all about meat on a stick and these were fall-off-the-bone-finger-lickin’-good. Don’t worry, there were plenty of seafood options including a scallop ceviche my mom loved.

We rounded out the night chatting with Pier W’s General Manager, Mark Kawada – what an awesome guy. He has always taken care of us when we wine and dine at the W.

And before we left, some of us goofballs had a little photo shoot:

Piew W Sunset Fun

Next time you’re planning an alfresco dining adventure, head to Pier W, order a bevvie and snap a selfie in front of the best city around!

Disclosure: I was asked to attend the patio preview in exchange for promoting Pier W. Regardless, I’ll be back soon. All opinions are mine.

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