Backyard renovations: Part 1

Spring has finally arrived in Cleveland! Normally, that would mean some gardening and planting of flowers and vegetables for us. That way the remainder of our spring and summer could be dedicated to other important things (boating). However, this year we have some major plans for our new backyard! This past week we made some progress:

Alana on a Tractor

OK, I’ll admit, there were no keys in this toy Dean wanted to keep. And I didn’t really help with any of the progress we made (minus planting a few flowers and taking care of Lulu). Here is what our yard looked like before the heavy machinery took over:

backyard before 1

This is a creek that runs through our back yard. Dean removed a portion of the fence so the backhoe could do it’s thing. RIP bridge. Cabela loved you!

backyard before 2

Our friend Christian who owns Zbin Landscaping out of Rocky River provided the tractor and backhoe and came over with a few of his crew to start the project. After they dug all the massively overgrown crap out of the yard, they put in a culvert pipe in so we could widen the bridge and open up the yard.

Backyard Zbin working

backyard  walking bridge

This will eventually be filled in more, decorated with some rocks and hopefully have grass!

We plan to spend a lot time this summer making the outside an oasis area. Stay tuned over the next few months for updates and ENJOY THIS WEATHER! 🙂

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