Meet Lulu, our new Lemon tree!

After our trip to Casa Verde, Dean and I kept talking about the beautiful lemon trees we saw at Petitti’s growing center. So when we woke up on a sunny Saturday morning, we knew a lemon tree was on our to-do list. After chatting with a few helpful Petitti’s employees, we found the citrus trees in the indoor tropical section.

I also had a beautiful planter pot on my wish list. Petitti’s may not have the cheapest accessories but they do have the most unique and gorgeous planters I’ve seen in one location! When we were heading towards the checkout, we ran into the Lemon Tree whisperer, aka Colleen. Colleen (at Avon Petitti’s) was a wealth of lemon tree knowledge and if our little Lulu ever looks sick, I know where to take her!

Lulu the Lemon Tree

She’s a beaut, but so is her pot, right?!

Everyone has been asking me: Can a lemon tree live through the winter in CLE?! They sure can. Now let’s just see if we can follow Colleen’s instructions! The tree must be transitioned indoors during the cold months, but it’s not as easy as just bringing her inside.

We love you, Lulu Lemon! Dean came up with that awesome name...

Lulu the Lemon Tree. 1jpg

PS: Congrats to Lori C. for winning the Petitti’s gift card! Love you, cuz! No, this was not rigged…

Disclosure: I was asked to partner with Petitti’s. In exchange I was gifted a $100 gift card. As always, opinion are mine.

2 comments to Meet Lulu, our new Lemon tree!

  • Wait what do you mean “not as easy as bringing her inside”???? Please spill your secrets! Also, I love her, and I’m getting my own hopefully this weekend!

    • admin

      It’s a gradual transition: shade, partial shade, sun and vice versa for transferring. You also need to prune often, water daily, etc. Not rocket science by any means! I’m still nervous we’ll kill her 😉

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