House Hunters Cleveland: Trials, tribulations and triumph

When Dean and I sold our starter home using Zillow’s ‘Make Me Move,’ we really didn’t know what our future held. We knew we had to take the offer, pack our bags, swallow our pride and move into my parents basement, aka ‘the apartment.’

We quickly realized the Real Estate market on Cleveland’s west side (specifically Bay Village, Rocky River, Westlake, Avon Lake and Fairview Park) was on fire. There were homes that were selling before they even hit the MLS. As much as we tried to stay positive, I was feeling pretty discouraged each day as I scoured the Internet looking for our forever home.

One home that got away happened to be in Bay and was the one and only house that Dean and I were both in love with. For me, it was the city and area I wanted to be in, had an amazing kitchen and if you stood on your tippy toes could even see the lake. For Dean, it had a large attached garage along with a separate detached garage, a large backyard and a driveway that went on for days. That house sold within 8 hours of being on the market. From then on, we knew if we were in love with a home, there was no time to waste and we needed to be ready to move fast.

That situation happened again and again…but the homes never held a candle to that first one that got away. Next, we decided to make an offer on a old and outdated house in Westlake. It was on a large lot and we thought we could expand the home and build our dream house. After some shady business with the seller, we backed out of the deal.

Shortly after that, we visited another Westlake home the day it went on the market. Over dinner and drinks with my parents that same evening, we decided to make an offer that night. Of course there were 13 other offers that weekend. The sellers asked for everyone’s ‘best and final’ offer by Sunday night. We knew we had to up our offer and go above full asking price. We made it to the final two and lost out because the other buyers were cash buyers. This is when I started to get extremely worried. We couldn’t compete with that.

One hot summer Saturday I was baking in the sun on my parent’s deck when I got an email notification about a house that was right through my parents’ backyard and looked AMAZING. One quick call to my Realtor Melissa Mellon and I was in the house within the hour.


The home was overpriced but I was in love. I didn’t even ask Dean to visit the house because it was out of our price range. However, the house didn’t sell that first weekend. And I had learned over the prior few months that it hadn’t sold because it was obviously overpriced.

Weeks and months went by. The price kept dropping so Dean and I visited the house (many times). We decided to go for it and submit an offer. That offer was denied. That’s when I told myself I needed to forget this house all together.

To my shock, a few weeks later, Dean had talked to the city about some projects he was interested in investigating and told me he wanted to make another offer. A few stressful days later, OUR OFFER WAS ACCEPTED.



Have you ever heard that saying good things come to those who wait? It sure is true in this instance. While we were only in ‘the apartment’ for six months, it was a major life change considering Dean and I lived together for six years on our own beforehand.

Our first night in the house.

Our first night in the house.

We’ve been getting settled in over the past two months and Cabela is happy to have her own yard again. She’s still battling the deer for full ownership though!

Cabela in Backyard

As I write this blog post, Dean is making dinner, the fireplace is lit and Cabela is on my lap. All is right in the world.

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