Honey & Lace Clothing

Recently, an old friend reached out and introduced me to a new clothing company: Honey & Lace. After perusing the website, I agreed to help spread the word about the relatively new clothing company because I, 1) think the website is adorable, 2) live in summery skirts, dresses and tops in the warmer months and 3) love supporting a female entrepreneur.


A little bit more about the company from their website:

At the heart of every Honey & Lace design is the drive to match comfort and style. Although style has its importance, every woman wants to be comfortable. Why not find that comfort in your own clothes? Honey & Lace combines comfort and confidence with a style that catches attention. Whether you want to attend a wedding, go to the beach, or sit at home with your kids, Honey & Lace maxi’s look great. H&L was born when a mother decided to create a skirt for her daughter.

If you like what you see on honeyandlace.com, use this discount code for 10% off your entire purchase: JESSICASHL


Disclosure: I was given a Honey & Lace maxi in return for this blog post. All opinions are mine!

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