Life updates, adult updates

The past 6 weeks have been pretty say the least.

For one, we sold our house and moved our little family into my parents basement (aka the apartment):

Saying goodbye hurts.

Saying goodbye hurts.

Our apartment!

Our apartment!

I turned 30:


I hung out with my cousin-in-law Drew Brees (true story):


We traveled to Charleston to visit one of our favorite people, Alissa:


We got stuck in Charleston and Dean, being the fab guy he is, let me take the one seat back to CLE while he got rerouted all over the place. He ended up having to spend the night in Dayton and renting a car in order to get home – over 48 hours after our original arrival! Oy vey…flying standby has been fantastic (thanks mom-in-law!) minus this trip. Thanks to United for pulling the hub out of Cleveland!

Did I mention we’re heading (standby) to Mexico in a few weeks for our first anniversary? Where did the year go?!


Getting married + selling our house = awesome! Turning 30 + moving into a basement = even more awesome!!! The best is yet to come!

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