A nerdy 30, indeed

Facts: I turned 30 and moved into my parents basement within the same week. #CrushingIt. In all seriousness, I’m only slightly kidding. But turning 30 really wasn’t all that bad. It was actually the opposite.

Dean and my best friends pulled off an amazing 30th birthday party in my honor two weeks ago. It ended up being an amazing 3-day celebration including Browns players, best friends, loads of fireball, custom coozies, a Brownie Elf pinata and one Bearded DJ.

Friday night surprises from Alissa and Ali!

These girls sure do spoil me.

I knew it was going to be an extra fun weekend when I ran into Jordan Cameron and Alex Mack out on the town…and it just happened to be past midnight (aka my birthday).

After Friday night’s unexpected adventures, I was nervous my first Hyland Software Hy-5 5K was going to be a disaster, but I ended up pushing myself and ran 7:20 splits (what the what?!). And these were my running birthday buddies…

Then it was time to party. Photos can’t do my nerdy 30 the credit it deserves. From the beautiful flowers to the nautical decor and delicious food, I felt the love on May 17. Oh, and there was dancing. Lots of dancing. And push-ups. 🙂



With Dean and these friends and family members by my side, 30 can BRING IT ON! I’m such a lucky (oldish) lady to have them…

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