Things I’m lovin’

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d share some of the things I’m currently lovin’ on. Somehow, Cleveland weather didn’t make the list.

Revenge: Dean and I can not get enough of this terribly awesome show. The acting is horrific, the puns are endless and the dramatic music is over-the-top. But we can’t stop watching episode after episode on Netflix. I’m ashamed to say Ems and Noles have been in my dreams.

Hibernation: This winter’s bitter cold temps and snow storms have had me cuddled up on the couch more than normal this winter. It’s fantastic because we’ve made plenty of belly-warming meals like chicken and sausage soup, creamy tortellinis, Sunday sauce specials and mashed taters to name just a few.
homemade red sauce

Shiraz: Going hand-in-hand with hibernating, I’ve developed a mild obsession with the red wine. And there’s nothing wrong with some Barefoot.

QT with Kimi: In preparation for our Friday Fundays we have planned for this summer, Kimi and I have been in training the past few Fridays. She rules.

These hams that have been part of most of the mentioned above:

Now, I just really want to be loving some warmer weather, boats, flip-flops, cold Summer Shandy’s and outdoor running, but I won’t get too greedy. Yet.

Happy Valentine’s Day week, friends!

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