Browns home-opening weekend!

**Congrats to @Timzaun for winning the Browns tickets to the Lions game!

The Browns have always been great at taking us to the highest-of-highs (I’m talking a couple of first downs) and plumetting us into the lowest-of-lows before we can even finish celebrating something semi-positive they did on the field. Do I sound bitter? I’m really not. I fully acknowledge the fact that I choose to put myself (and all of those who are lucky to be around me!) through this each and every year.

You know what though? I probably will never change. They don’t call me dawgpndgirl for nothin’! And the Browns Home Opener is essentially Christmas in Cleveland! I would never miss Christmas! So, my new bro-in-law and I headed downtown to paint the town Orange and Brown…

Cousin Lori and Browns fan CP!

Cousin Lori and Browns fan CP!

Tailgating in the tailgate.

Tailgating in the tailgate.

I even invited my brother…my hubs was too busy hanging out at the marina!


Dave and I enjoyed the first half and then I decided to compare wedding rings with Sarah Haden…and asked her to wear my sunglasses. I’m sure that humbled her.

Summer 2013 friends?

Summer 2013 weddings…now friends? Next week we may share shoes.

After waking up with a Monday morning Browns hangover, I got through the day because I knew we had my favorite fundraising event of the year to look forward to: The 2013 Taste of the Browns!

That's A LOT of meals.

That’s A LOT of meals.


We ate well, we drank a bit and we ran into a lot of our friends. Including Chud and Joe Thomas’ wives (see Dean looking like a shrimp above). Living the high life, people!

When the Browns eventually win the home opener, we’re going to be there and it’s going to be awesome! Until then, I’ll pretend I’m friends with Joe Thomas, John Greco, Alex Mack, Bubba Baker, Hanford Dixon, Bill Duff, Kevin Mack…all while embarrassing Heatha.

Did you know? The Browns are tied for first in the AFC North! GO BROWNS!!!!

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