I survived my Kelley’s Island bachelorette party

When you take one part lifelong pals, a sprinkle of awesome friends made over the past 4 years, a few family members & a bunch of girls that love boats and put them on an island, I can guarantee you it’s a good time. At least it was for my last hoorah on Kelley’s Island!

I can’t share much that happened on the island but I’ll disclose what’s web-propriate. This saying also applies to the Lake Erie Islands: WHAT HAPPENS ON KELLEY’S ISLAND, STAYS ON KELLEY’S ISLAND (or sometimes it goes on the Internet). But that’s ok with me because I had the time of my life! Now onto the good stuff…the pictures!

Things we're innocent. The ferry & deck drinking!

Things we’re innocent. The ferry & deck drinking!

Once we got settled into the swanky house, my amazing bridesmaids started bringing out the gifts! The first being AN INFLATABLE POOL! They know me so well 🙂

I'm only putting myself on the Internet in this fashion because Alexa already did. And it's the only photo I have of the pool!

I’m only putting myself on the Internet in this fashion because Alexa already did. And it’s the only photo I have of the pool!

Photo borrowed from the The Plum.

Then the Dong Bong made an appearance. Hey, it was a BACHELORETTE PARTY!! Julie’s face says it all.

The above montage captures not only one of the best gag gifts, but one of my MOH’s blow drying her hair with an air bed pump, Kimi & Heather at dinner and the entire group of Friday night hotties! We landed an amazing table at Kelley’s Island House for dinner. I won’t go into details, but we had some shady service.

Another photo from Alexa.

Another photo from Alexa.

However, a little snafu didn’t prevent people snapping photos of our dinner group…multiple times. Hey, I have hot friends!! I seriously think strangers thought we we’re famous or something. Ha!

After plenty of horrible music & gyrating at The Casino, we called it a night. Yes, a late night.

Come Saturday morning, I said goodbye to my mom, cousins, Alexa, Kimi & Heather and hello to an entirely new crazy group of gals. After a brunch you’d think could only be created on land, with a real kitchen, my bridesmaids threw me gag gift shower. Moving on…

Saturday afternoon was a repeat of Friday with the addition of Cards Against Humanity, grilling out, 10X more beer & your typical hilarity.

Granny Panties, my before photo, some of the aftermath & my bridal party!

Granny Panties, my ‘before photo, some aftermath & my bridal party!

I’m glad I was sans phone for most of the weekend, but that’s basically where the buck stops. Photos were taken and photos were deleted. We continued dancing, drinking, strawberry shots, Brandy Alexanders, Casino dancing & the party didn’t stop until the wee hours of the morning. However, everyone ended up with one of these…(yes, this is the only Internet appropriate collage!):

My MOH, MacKenzie. Love her!

My MOH, MacKenzie. Love her!

Before. And After. It’s hard to have her look bad!

All in all, a freaking success. And guess what? The next thing up is the wedding!!! I guess it’s really happening. T-minus 16 days.

In all seriousness – I am so lucky to have such wonderful friends & family that threw & attended this party. Smooches!

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