The second annual #BVbonfire

The internet is a powerful thing.  Duh.  It’s helped land me jobs, been a way to keep in touch with family & introduced me to what have become some wonderful friends.

Before I had this blog, I had met people like Alexa & Seanski through work.  Then I became an official internet nerd with The Dawg’s Dish and was fortunate to make more friends with people like Allison, Heather & Kimi…just to name a few.

Last year, I invited all these friends over to join Dean & I to do what we love to do best: eat, drink, play with fire & daaaance! The first #BVbonfire was such a hit, we had to do it all over again this year.  And boy did we outdo ourselves.

I’m glad some of my friends got their paws on my camera because I have them to thank for most of these photos.

Dean & I with 2 of the 3 Plagens hotties, Tabitha's WORLD famous pudding shots, bonfire fun & daaaaaance party!

Dean & I with 2 of the 3 Plagens hotties, Tabitha’s WORLD famous pudding shots, bonfire fun & daaaaaance party! 

Apparently Seanski isn't just a cat a bunch of ridiculousness.

Apparently Seanski isn’t just a cat guy…a bunch of ridiculousness.

And you’re all welcome for not posting the good stuff!

Then, we have Vine.  Vine captured so many awesome, yet horribly embarrassing moments throughout the night.  Thanks to The Plum, we have quite the compilation of said Vine clips:

I can‘t wait to see what #BVbonfire 2014 has in store!!

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