Running woes & wedding excitement

I get it.  I’ve been a bad blogger, again.  Sometimes work and planning a wedding just takes precedence.

I’ve also been a bad runner.  For the past three years I’ve ran the Cleveland Half Marathon.  It’s given me something to look forward to and filled my Saturdays with obligatory long runs and not necessary carb-loading.  I’ve also frequented the St. Malachi 5-miler, the Cleveland 10-miler and other various 5Ks that take place in the community.

St. Malachi 2011.

St. Malachi 2011.

Truth is, I haven’t been doing much running at all this winter.  Thank the brisk temps, but I’ve been filling my workout routine with rides, barre class & the occasional cardio at the gym.  Running was never just a fad for me, it’s truly my favorite way to blow off steam.  The problem is, I’m a baby about running in the cold.

The other problem is, we have a wedding in FOUR MONTHS.  I guess that’s not a problem! 🙂  But, it makes me more conscious of my free time.  I couldn’t justify heading to the Metroparks for a 7-miler that would take up nearly half of my day off when I know my time would be better spent crafting or planning some other portion of the wedding.

Once August hits maybe I’ll be blogging more.  I know I’ll be running more.  Only time will tell.  But I know the time I’m spending away form my laptop will be time (for the most part) well spent!

In the meantime, don’t forget about me.

Or do.  Whatever floats your boat!!


2 comments to Running woes & wedding excitement

  • I think the wedding kind of takes priority right now. Kind of. 🙂

  • WHAT! No! UNACCEPTABLE! Would you expect any other answer from me 😉 If I can train for a marathon (I’m only running 3-4 days a week), wedding plan and work 65 hours a week then you can train for a half.
    I hear ya about running in the cold though. I’m ready for some spring weather. But nothing too hot like last years marathons 🙂

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