How we weekend in February

Since we didn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day on Thursday, Dean and I decided to cash in our Groupon to SB 81 Friday night.  I had pretty high expectations since we loved Saucy Bistro’s food & patio happy hours (the previous restaurant at the location).  All in all, I was disappointed.  The martinis hit the spot and the arancini appertizer (mozzy stuffed risotto balls) were delicious.  However, it was all downhill from there.

Annoyance number 1 – I had to inquire about the specials and the descriptions were lackluster – (um, you have a lobster special, try to sell it!).  That being said, Dean still chose the lobster special because he can never say no to the crustacean & I opted for the tilapia with lobster risotto.  My meal was borderline gross.  It swam in a pool of an oily/butter mixture that coagulated mid-meal.  Dean’s lobster was just so-so and he had to ask for a side of drawn butter.

After being double-charged for our martinis and wine, it’s safe to say we won’t be venturing back which is a shame since it’s around the corner.

Saturday was a productive day for me including a workout at my new favorite barre studio, a stop at Michael’s  & an afternoon of wedding crafting with my mom!

Dying mason jars!

Dying mason jars!

Saturday night we headed to one of our best friend’s houses (across the street!) for a taco bar courtesy of the boys and playing with the babeeeey!  It’s great to be so close to our friends – all we have to worry about is looking both ways crossing the street!

Shrimp tacos were amazing!

Shrimp tacos were amazing!

And I love this little nugget, Cora!


Sunday we knocked some more wedding things off our ‘to-do’ list, cuddled with the puppy & enjoyed Sunday supper.  That’s how you weekend, folks!


3 comments to How we weekend in February

  • We celebrated Valentine’s day on Thursday and went to 87 West because we had a gift card. We will not be returning. Everything we had there was less than mediocre and over priced. Thank god we had a gift card otherwise we would have been more upset.
    I love seeing you spend your weekend doing wedding crafts and wedding to dos because that’s how I spend mine. Our wedding days are getting closer!!!

  • Those colored mason jars are so pretty! What a fun idea =)

  • Ugh, that place is not my favorite either. Not sure how they’re staying in business!!
    I’m living in that scarf these days. Isn’t it the BEST??!

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