Wedding Wednesday: Valentine’s Day Edition

Dean and I (especially me) are not the most loviest-doviest, mushiest & PDA-prone couples out there.  Quite the opposite actually…to each their own, right?  However, I thought what better week (and year) to give thanks and look forward to the hunky guy I’m marrying in a mere FIVE months!

The wedding is quickly approaching and Valentine’s Day is Thursday so I’m feeling the love and getting majorly excited for the Big Day.

Let’s recap what’s taken place so far:

Part of the wedding party!

Part of the wedding party!

Looking back at what’s already occurred, the bar is set high for the wedding after my engagement party and bridal shower.  I’m gonna brag: my mom/soon-to-be MIL & SIL, bridesmaids & friends have amazing taste and are all Pinterest pundits in their own right!  Have I mentioned my soon to be sis-in-law/bridesmaid has stepped up as official, unofficial wedding planner?  I love her!


So what have we accomplished since the last update?  A LOT!

  • Photographer  & videographer (thank you, Janet!)
  • Bridesmaids dresses
  • Mother-of-the-bride dress(es)
  • Save-the-dates (a post on this later once they are all out the door)
  • DJ (hello, Eric!)
  • Menu selection – fried perch, anyone?  No joke.
  • DIY centerpiece pallet pieces (thanks Dad & Dean!)
  • DIY centerpiece layout
  • Homemade wedding balls (post on this later – easy-peasy crafting)
  • A general idea of all the DIY decorating we’ll be doing including: favors, decor, drink stands, etc.
  • Tentative honeymoon in Maui
  • Wedding list – who am I kidding? This is far from done
  • Oh, I even ordered my wedding dress!
These wedding balls are saving us mucho dinero!

These wedding balls are saving us mucho dinero!

I recognize there’s absolutely so much more we need to do.  However, I think we’re on track and I have yet to even slightly feel like a bridezilla (and doubt I will).  My mantra to staying sane? ONE THING AT A TIME! 

Enter rare sappy Alana: I love my man, my family (and in-laws that have felt like family for years), my best friends & everyone else that has touched our lives over the past 5 errr 15 years and can’t wait to catapult ourselves into the rest of our lives! xo.

Let's do this, Deano!

Let’s do this, Deano!




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