A proper Sunday Funday

**You have until Thursday night to enter to win tickets to the Great Big Home and Garden Show**

After a relatively low-key Friday and Saturday night in, I was looking forward to Sunday Funday with some of my favorite ladies.  Up first, my mom & I were attending the Something White Boutique Bridal Bizarre at 78th Street studios with one of my best buddies and her soon to me mom-in-law.  This was the only bridal show I’ve ever been to and I was honestly impressed!  I knew it wasn’t going to be the typical tacky taffeta, bright-light disco show due to the location and vendor list.  I even walked away with a few ideas for my own wedding and think MacKenzie did too!

Not wanting to head home quite yet, we continued the fun with Alexa at XYZ for a few cocktails and a bit of girl talk.

somethingwhite-bridalshowWhy didn’t I want to go home?  Dean was hosting the annual ‘Playoff Party’ with nearly 25 rough and tough men from his work and it was BOYS ONLY until about 4pm.  There was no way we were going to pass up the meal the three chefs were slaving over all day: the famous red pasta sauce flavored with everything from Lou’s Sausage to pigs feet to pork ribs.  It’s one of my favorite meals!

playoffpartySomehow, I failed to snap a photo of the final product and the impressive buffet spread.  I guess I could blame Matthew Fox.  Trust me when I say it was delicious.


There was even football to watch & squares to gamble on!  Very unlike me, I barely watched one snap.  That tends to happen when some of your best friends and family are over!

Since I am leaving it to your imaginations to visualize the Italian feast, perhaps I could convince Dean to share the recipe of the blog one day… *fingers crossed!*



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