Party, Party, Party

This past weekend was most definitely one for the books. 18 girls from across the country flew and drove into Chicago for one helluva bachelorette party. I only knew a handful of the girls, but that didn’t matter because I got to see my best friends who no longer live in Cleveland.

I am by no means a bachelorette party veteran, this happens to be the first wedding I am in as a bridesmaid. However, we had the standard supplies: everything penis – cupcakes, straws, maracas (bride is half-mexican after all!), balloons, etc. We also played a few games that made the bride, Als, uber-uncomforable in front of her sister and future sister-in-law. What are friends for anyways?

Since it was a bachelorette party and all sorts of awesomeness took place, I think I will just share a few photos instead of rambling on about drunken tales (who would want to read about that anyways!?).

Our wicked dance party on the trolley we rented Friday night.

On Saturday, after trying to sneak into a marina and hanging out in a basement bar we watched a few of the planes from the Air Show before it was time to get drunk again get manis and pedis.

Als (the bride) and some classy $5 champagne at our mani/pedis.

After we got all dolled up we headed out to dine and drink at Carnivale before hitting up Market Bar. A pigeon crapped in my hair on the walk to Market Bar. I found it quite hilarious. May or may not have had anything to do with the sangria I had just consumed.

For the pride and privacy of my friends, my new friends and myself, I unfortunately can’t post any more photos. I know we have some respectable snapshots somewhere, but they sure didn’t make it onto my camera!

All in all, the weekend was a crazy party with some great girls. Where is your favorite destination for a wild bachelorette/bachelor party? I will admit, I put the kibosh on a trip to Vegas with almost 20 ladies.

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