Pallets, pallets, pallets

Since becoming obsessed with Pinterest, I have sent Dean photo upon photo of unique home & garden ideas, recipes and places we need to visit.

I’m lucky in the sense that Dean has equally loved some of the crafty pallet work that I’ve ‘pinned.’

I told you about the wine holder accent piece he crafted a few months ago.

Pallet shelf!

Since then, Dean made his sister-in-law an outdoor table:

Table take 1.

And most recently he made us a table with a built-in heater with a hidden propane tank!

Perfect for our patio.

The heater even works!

Propane tank.

We plan on taking the heater and propane tank out during the warm months. The elevated section where the heater currently is will be perfect for an appetizer/drink stand.

We’re thinking about quitting our day jobs and opening a pallet shop (only kidding).

Have you jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon yet?? If not, you’re missing out!

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