La cocina

We’ve come a long way, baby!

Last August I was ecstatic when we picked out our brand new countertops for the kitchen. It was a quick-fix for an outdated space. We weren’t planning on tiling for a while and the cabinets were going to stay due to a limited budget. Oh how easy that all sounds, right?

Well, that’s not quite how it went down. One winter and lots of blood, sweat and tears later, we finally had our amazing bathroom finished, which meant we could tackle the original project we had set out to do – the kitchen!

The kitchen was easy-breezy in comparison to the bathroom. I was without stove and microwave for a week or so, the tiling was easier due to less cuts and precision, the granite countertops were installed quickly and the backsplash was handled by Dean (among tiling and other duties!).

We’ve had our kitchen complete for about 6 months. Here are some before, during and after photos:

Don’t you love that granite!? It’s called mumbasa from Design Surfaces. The cabinets are beautiful, too! Yes, we have TV in the kitchen – I need my Browns in the fall and Jeopardy when I make dinner. For those wondering, our washer and dryer are hiding behind the doors underneath the TV.

We spend A LOT of time in our wonderful kitchen! Sometimes, it pays off to be patient!

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