Hello…Is this thing on? 

It’s been 4 months since I blogged. Before that, it was a 3-month hiatus. I could keep going, but I think it’s pretty clear this blog has become less of a priority than it was 4, 5, 6 or even 7 years ago.

When DreamHost badgered me that I needed to renew hosting, I eagerly […]

Mission unplug, unwind, refresh & recharge

Did you know 40% of Americans don’t use their vacation days (aka PTO=Paid Time Off)? I was aware PTO went to waste in most organizations, but I had no idea the statistic was so staggering until The NOW (News Channel 5) visited my workplace to highlight our sabbatical program. Hyland’s sabbatical program is pretty spectacular: […]

Out with 2015, in with 2016!

Happy 2016! Not surprising, 2015 went out with a crazy amount of get togethers, happy hours, parties, celebrations and overall holiday debauchery. And I wouldn’t have it any other way!

We tried to keep the Christmas gift-giving minimal this year, but Dean always finds a way to spoil me. This year the spoiling included (but […]

Happy Thanksgiving week!

Happy Thanksgiving week, friends! This is one of my most beloved weeks of the year and I’m looking forward to spending it with Dean, our family (we’ll miss his parents who are luckily in Florida!) and friends. Hopefully we can sneak in a few glasses of wine with Dave and Julie, too 😉

2013 […]

Is winter over yet?

Hi! Long time, no talk. I have been lacking motivation over the past few months. This routine I’ve fallen into needs to be broken: Wake up, work, workout, eat, sleep, repeat.

Sure, it could be worse but I’m feeling pretty lame as of late. I feel like I haven’t made the best effort to […]

Life updates as summer 2014 comes to an end

Hi! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve used the blog machine. I’ve missed you!

This spring and summer has been an overwhelming, fun, adventurous, stressful and fast 5 months. From house-hunting around the clock (stay tuned for a house hunters CLE post soon) to jetting off to Mexico all while trying to balance our […]

Life updates, adult updates

The past 6 weeks have been pretty cray-cray..to say the least.

For one, we sold our house and moved our little family into my parents basement (aka the apartment):

Saying goodbye hurts.

Our apartment!

I turned 30:

I hung out with my cousin-in-law Drew Brees (true story):

We traveled to […]

Things I’m lovin’

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d share some of the things I’m currently lovin’ on. Somehow, Cleveland weather didn’t make the list.

Revenge: Dean and I can not get enough of this terribly awesome show. The acting is horrific, the puns are endless and the dramatic music is over-the-top. But we can’t stop […]

Pinch me…we both got hitched!

This summer year has been CRAZY NUTSO in the best way possible. I married my best (man)friend and my lifelong partner-in-crime wed the guy that makes her the happiest. MacKenzie and I may have kissed a few frogs in our day, but I think we did something right winding up with our dudes.

Since my […]

Stitch Fix: I tried it!

‘Hey Trendsetter!’ Those are words that have never been said to me. I don’t expect them to ever be said to me either. Being a fashionista is one thing I am not, and don’t try to be. If you looked through my closet, you’d find a lot of GAP, Banana Republic, Nordstrom & the occasional […]