YOLO: Summer vs. Blogging

If you were about to create a hashtag, website and all-out social media frenzy because I have been MIA, rest assured. I’m alive and well. Very well, actually. I’ve neglected the blog, fallen behind on all things Internet, barely tweeted and been a Facebook recluse (as much as my job allows me to be at […]

Bad blogger, summer blogger

Ok, I’ve been a shitty blogger. For that, I’m sorry.

But not that sorry because I’ve been enjoying CLE and the awesome weather. YOLO!

The time we bought a boat

We did it. We took the plunge and became boat owners last week. The stars were aligned and I just couldn’t say no. Yes, I realize we’re planning a wedding but you only live once, right?

We’re sharing the boat with good friends/co-workers of Dean so the financial burden wasn’t all that bad. Plus, […]

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

Muddy Metroparks

Following my 8-mile run on Sunday (finally), Dean and I had plans to take a trip to the Metroparks. A little mud couldn’t keep us away! Since we’re dog-sitting, we thought it would be a great way to tire out the two black labs (not possible, by the way). However, we gave it a valiant […]

I’m baaaack!

Thank you so much for all the get well comments and tweets last week. I was hurting!

After nearly 5 days of a fever, aches and lots of whining pains from strep and bronchitis, I am proud to say I’m among the living. Obviously, there is nothing for me to blog about unless you want […]

A playful Snow Day

I heart the interwebs. Telecommuting when the snow and ice hit lovely CTown makes for one happy employee. No gridlock traffic. No digging out of the snow at 7 a.m. No incompetent drivers to deal with.

I hit the couch in my jammies, turn on the Macbook and veg while I work the day away. […]

This one is for Cabela!

A few months ago I shared a heartbreaking story about Bernie, our petfinder discovery. Although my guts were aching, Dean picked up the pieces and got to work finding us a forever puppy (I had zero energy or drive to put the effort in again). We headed out to Ashtabula and the rest is history.


Oh, Christmas tree

Let’s take a trip back to December 2009, shall we? Dean and I we’re settled into the house and I was all about decking the halls, buying a Griswold-sized tree and Christmas-fying our abode. We grabbed the pup and headed out to pick out our first ever real Christmas tree. Coincidentally enough, we had to […]