A nerdy 30, indeed

Facts: I turned 30 and moved into my parents basement within the same week. #CrushingIt. In all seriousness, I’m only slightly kidding. But turning 30 really wasn’t all that bad. It was actually the opposite.

Dean and my best friends pulled off an amazing 30th birthday party in my honor two weeks ago. It […]

Wordless Wednesday: Our Labor Day Staycation

Can we reweind to Memorial Day, please??


When the cat’s away, the mouse will play

About a month back I had to make the difficult decision to skip one of Dean’s buddy’s wedding in San Diego. San Diego is such a great vacation spot but, I knew the financially-responsible choice would be to stay home and let Dean frolic at the beach with his college-cohorts. Lucky for me, there was […]

Krusty’s Summer Sauce Crash Camp

When I learned Dean would potentially be out of town the weekend of Krusty’s and the locally-epic house party, Millstock, I really battled with myself as what I should do. #WhiteGirlProblems.

As it ended up, Dean stayed home and he agreed to venture with me and some of our boating friends to the infamous Krusty’s […]

YOLO: Summer vs. Blogging

If you were about to create a hashtag, website and all-out social media frenzy because I have been MIA, rest assured. I’m alive and well. Very well, actually. I’ve neglected the blog, fallen behind on all things Internet, barely tweeted and been a Facebook recluse (as much as my job allows me to be at […]

How you spend a holiday week in Cleveland

Whoever decided that the USA would only observe Wednesday, July 4 over the Fourth of July week is a jackass. Work two days, off one, work two more? I don’t think so. That’s why I made it a 5-day staycation. It was necessary to take time off since each one of my girlfriends (bridesmaids) were […]

Enjoy it while you can

Wow – I’m glad to say the Barre Cleveland debacle is behind me. Thanks to everyone who commented, tweeted or sent me a message in support of me not backing down to an aggressive troll. Still no word from the Barre. Back to regularly scheduled programming…

Last week was stressful. Between the Barre, work and […]

The time we bought a boat

We did it. We took the plunge and became boat owners last week. The stars were aligned and I just couldn’t say no. Yes, I realize we’re planning a wedding but you only live once, right?

We’re sharing the boat with good friends/co-workers of Dean so the financial burden wasn’t all that bad. Plus, […]

The week-long weekend: Part One

Thanks to Alexa, my holiday weekend kicked off on Wednesday night as I joined her at the Cleveland Magazine Silver Spoon Awards. If I could hang, I would start my weekend on Wednesday every week this summer. Unfortunately, my body would most likely shut down after 4 days of great food, too many drinks and […]

Happy Labor Day!

As sad as it makes me that this is the unoffical last weekend of summer, there are so many wonderful things to look forward to this fall. Just to mention a few: the Browns (and tailgating), clambakes, pigroasts, boots, sweaters and all things pumpkin (Starbucks latte anyone?).

Since I was under the impression I might […]