Monday Motivation: Work it out

The clocks have been turned back. Whatever Indian Summer we were lucky enough to have is gone. The days are shorter and the days are colder. For me, this means it’s HARD to work out and stay in shape.

I love summer runs after work and on the weekend. Five miles on a warm […]

Barre Cleveland -Social shouldn’t mean stupid: Backlash from the Barre

A few weeks ago, I blogged about attending a certain Barre studio class on Cleveland’s east side with a group of my friends. I stated my opinion in an honest manner, like I always do. To reiterate, I enjoyed switching up my workout routine and said I might even make a sporadic trip back. But, […]

A trip to the Barre

One would think when a group of fabulous bloggers get together for a morning of working out, lunch and shopping they would snap at least one photo. Well, that’s what one would think but not what happened on Saturday when Shibani, Suzanne, Michelle, Tabitha, Jessa and I made a trip to Beachwood to check out […]

The Hotter than Hell Cleveland Marathon

Considering I’ve lived in Cleveland nearly all of my life (minus some collegiate years in Tempe), I shouldn’t have been surprised by Sunday’s crazy hot weather. With a start of 7 a.m., I also assumed it would be too early to have the heat be much of a factor in my half marathon plan. I […]

Am I a run-climber?

Similar to a social-climber, I think I may be a run-climber. I’ve always ran faster when participating in a race – whether it’s a 5K or a 10-miler – my time is almost always better than it is when I run solo.

Thanks to Allison, a Cleveland 10 Miler registration fell into my lap […]

Spin (and complete a survey) to win!

Over the past 12 months my passion for spinning has sky-rocketed. I used to casually spin to get a great workout in. What was once a means to sweat has turned into something more – it’s a wonderful way to un-plug, decompress and detox. As Shibani says, it’s cheaper than therapy.

I owe this […]

A running lull

I’ve been in somewhat of a running rut for the past month or so. I’ve been struggling on my long runs – whether it’s cold weather and achy joints or a complete lack of motivation, I find it hard to get up and go…and actually enjoy myself.

Why do those girls look so happy? […]

St. Malachi 5-miler recap

All signs pointed to a slow and painful run on Saturday morning at the St. Malachi 5-miler. I was still fighting a nasty cold, I woke up with wicked cramps (sorry, guys – it’s part of life), it was coooold at 9 a.m., I was almost hit by an ignorant girl doing the ‘drive’ of […]

Just my luck?

Don’t forget you can vote here for your favorite Cleveland bloggers in the Cleveland Magazine Blogger smackdown!

It’s inevitable…If I am excited for a race, I get sick. The Cleveland Half 2010 & 2011 as well as the Flying Pig 2011 I was hacking for weeks leading up to race day. It gets me […]

‘My Husband Ted’

Over the past few weeks, Dean has shown an interest in working out and making healthier meal decisions – it’s great!! However, I can’t help but feel like this woman in this ad:

No, I am not taking Slimquick (or will ever take any diet ‘supplement’) but I think it’s safe to assume […]