Win tickets to the Tri-C JazzFest 2015!

It’s almost time for the 36th annual Tri-C JazzFest! The JazzFest comes to Playhouse Square July 9-11, 2015, for one musical weekend of entertainment. The festival features nine ticketed concerts inside the theater district’s historic venues and two days of free outdoor shows on U.S. Bank Plaza!

This year’s events builds on the energy created […]

Honey & Lace Clothing

Recently, an old friend reached out and introduced me to a new clothing company: Honey & Lace. After perusing the website, I agreed to help spread the word about the relatively new clothing company because I, 1) think the website is adorable, 2) live in summery skirts, dresses and tops in the warmer months and […]

Wedding Wednesday: Save the Dates!

Our save the dates have been out for a while now. We wanted to incorporate what we love most (sunshine, boating & our pup!).

The front:


The back:

I cropped out a sliver of the bottom of the back so all my stalkers can’t have access to our wedding website. Kidding. Sort […]

Opening Day in the Tribe Social Suite

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Monday Moaning

Over the holidays, I dropped some coinage (about $130) to have a new hard drive installed on my MacBook Pro. She’s about 6 years old and this is her 3rd hard drive. I figured (and so did the Apple employees) that it made more sense to bite the bullet for a new hard drive rather […]

The Factory of Sadness

The Browns suck – there’s no way around that. I’m not going to join the sea of Browns bloggers out there and whine about Pat Shurmur’s lack of play-calling abilities or Ryan Pontbriand’s botched snap because I had enough of that by 6 p.m. Sunday evening.

Let’s look on the bright side, shall we? Well, […]

Life is too short

I love you, MMR.


Squeeze a little longer. Hug a little tighter. Tell someone you love them today. I’ll be hugging this girl for the rest of the week.

I'm blogging

Hello, blogosphere! It’s been years since I’ve blogged on a personal level and I’ve decided to take the plunge into the ginormous blog world. While at ASU, I had a blog about the NFL Draft (NFLdraftMe), which was surprisingly popular. This blog, however, is most definitely not dedicated to the draft, rather random thoughts I […]