Petitti Garden Center: Where Cleveland Gardens

Over the weekend, Dean and I were lucky enough to get an invite to tour Petitti Garden Center‘s Casa Verde, in Columbia Station. Casa Verde is where all the Petitti magic happens! 98% of the live product sold at Petitti is grown at Casa Verde.

Petitti Casa Verde Greenhouse

We were overwhelmed by not only the beauty of Casa Verde, but impressed by the magnitude of work that goes into providing the best product in the region.

Angelo Petitti guided a tour throughout the 32-acre property where he explained his story of immigrating to the US from Italy when he was 16. Dean and I assume Angelo makes an amazing homemade red sauce…and we were so very close to asking him about his tomato and basil plant secrets.

Petitti Angelo Dean

Since this is our first spring in our new house, we have a mile-long landscaping to-do list. Our yard makeover wheels were already in motion but this past weekend inspired us to kick things into gear. First and (unnecessarily) foremost: BUYING A LEMON TREE! Did you know you can cultivate fruit all year long from a lemon/lime tree in Cleveland? All you need to do is keep in in a pot and bring it to a sunlight area during the crummy Cleveland winter months!

Petitti Alana Dean

Is your green thumb calling your name? Well I have a $50 Petitti Garden Center gift card to giveaway!

You can enter by:

1. Post a comment about what you plan on upgrading in your yard this spring.
2. Tweet the following: I want to win a @Petittis gift card from @dawgpndgirl! #Petittis: (You can enter once per day but must leave a separate comment each time letting me know you did so in order to count)
3. Share this post on your Facebook page (Leave a separate comment letting me know you did so)

This giveaway will run until Friday, May 1st at 11:59 pm. You can tweet daily! Good luck, gardeners!

DISCLOSURE: I was given a $100 Petitti gift card in exchange for this giveaway. Regardless, if you follow me on Swarm, you know I love me some Avon Petitti!

2009 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductions: #TBT

My first career at was an amazing five+ years. It was filled with learning how to code a website and be an online journalist (sure, college sort of taught me that), being on The Dawg Blog Live (see also embarrassing), foraying myself into the professional social media space and most memorably, covering amazing events and concerts for Cleveland’s #1 news and entertainment website (among so much more including great friends!).

Hands down my favorite event to cover: The 2009 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony!

Rock Hall Inductions 2009

Joe Perry! Michael Symon clearly waving to me! RON EFFING WOOD (and his um 18 year-old date). I’m only slighty obsessed with The Rolling Stones.

As I see more and more media coverage about April’s ceremony, I feel the nostalgia of that job that helped me become who I am today. I’ve changed a lot since 2009 and let’s be honest, Cleveland has transformed immensely as well. One thing I remember that disappointed me and my colleagues was all those celebs jetting off right after the ceremony. Let’s hope they make a week/weekend out of their trip to Cleveland this year because I know one thing to be true: CLEVELAND ROCKS.

The inductee, performer and presenter list is pretty amazing this year. So…who needs a photog or blogger to cover the 2015 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony? This girl is available! :)

Cleveland Home + Remodeling Expo

BHRE_116If you didn’t make it to the Sixth Annual Great Big Home + Garden Show last month, there is another home show coming to the IX Center later this month: the Cleveland Home + Remodeling Expo. And if I had to chose one or the other, I’d opt for the expo solely for the reason that I’m addicted to all things Bravo! and Flipping Out’s Jeff Lewis will be appearing on the Main Stage on Saturday, March 28 and Sunday, March 29.

Jeff Lewis


Some other highlights of this year’s show include:
-Chip and Joanna Gaines, Hosts of HGTV’s Fixer Upper will appear on the The Main Stage.

-Learn how shipping containers can be turned into living space at the J. Evans Custom Home Construction’s Forever Home Feature. 

-Enjoy the beauty of live butterflies up close in the Arcadia GlassHouse Butterfly Feature. 

-Music, special Cleveland Home + Remodeling Expo drink specials and light hors d’oeuvres will be part of a Happy Hour to kick-off the Expo on Friday. 

And surprise! Ha :) You can enter to win two tickets of your own to the show by:

1. Posting a comment telling me your favorite HGTV or Bravo! show.

2. Tweet the following (you can tweet once per day and MUST leave a SEPARATE comment for each tweet): I want to win two tickets to the March 2015 @GreatBigShow from @dawgpndgirl:

3. Share this post on your Facebook page. Again, please leave a comment telling me you shared.

The sweepstakes will run from March 16, 2015 – March 20, 2015.

You can also use the DISH15HR discount code for $1 off to purchase tickets here.

Good luck!

Chip and Joanna Gaines 1

*Disclosure: I was asked to help promote the expo in exchange for two tickets to the show.

Is winter over yet?

Hi! Long time, no talk. I have been lacking motivation over the past few months. This routine I’ve fallen into needs to be broken: Wake up, work, workout, eat, sleep, repeat.

Sure, it could be worse but I’m feeling pretty lame as of late. I feel like I haven’t made the best effort to connect with my friends, blogging has been nonexistent (not really sure that’s a surprise to anyone, including myself), I’m eating and drinking like I’m trying to gain weight and, to be completely honest, I am getting sick of my own predictability.

When winter started, I was all smiles because I was surrounded by my best friends and fam rushing from one activity to another party back to something else that was fabulous.

The holidays were amazing…best friend laughter and family events all enjoyed in our new home!

Holiday fun 2014

Oh yeah, we even went to an awesome wedding on NYE, too:2253

Post-holiday, like most Clevelanders I’m sure, the winter woes set in hard core. It’s not that I’m depressed or anything serious, it’s just that I AM SO OVER THIS WINTER. You know, getting stuck in the ice and snow in my own driveway twice within a month is fun and all, but I”m ready for some sunshine.

Cabela in the snow 2015

To fill our hibernation this winter, Dean and I have made plenty of delicious Sunday sauce meals (my waistline is the only thing complaining), watched Netflix like there was no tomorrow (PARENTHOOD!?!?!) and I’ve personally spent more time on my couch cuddling with my doggy than I’d like to admit.

Sunday Sauce Playoff Party

This weekend we spring forward and I’m hoping that’s the kick in the ass I need to get me out of this winter weather slump.

So, what have you been up to this winter while I’ve been holed up by the fire (with wine and snacks in hand)?


Great Big Home + Garden Show ticket giveaway

*Note: The giveaway has ended. @CarlyRose0711 was the lucky winner!*

A few things I’m having a hard time believing: it’s almost February (and my niece’s 1st birthday!), we’ve lived in our new pad for almost 4 months and it’s already time for the Great Big Home + Garden Show!

Cleveland_CarrierSurprisingly, there aren’t a ton of indoor home projects that we have on our home ‘to-do’ list. Not so surprisingly, my lumberjack husband has roughly 64 things he wants to do outside. OK, that’s a tad of an exaggeration but his imagination has been running wild since we moved in. For me, I’m most looking forward to enhancing our curb appeal and some fun gardening projects this spring and summer.

This is where the Great Big Home + Garden Show comes in! Dean and I plan to attend the show to get some gardening, barn, garage and landscaping inspiration at this year’s event which takes place Friday, Feb. 6 – Sunday, Feb. 15 at the Cleveland I-X Center.

In it’s 6th year, here are some highlights you can look forward to this year:

*Get inspired at a 2,400 square-foot, fully-constructed Idea Home

*Looking to pimp out your indoor/outdoor entertainment space? The 1,500 square-foot Xtend Technologies High-Tech Entertainment Home is for you

*The Garden Showcase, Cleveland Rocks-themed gardens created by some of Northeast Ohio’s top landscapers

*The combined Main Stage and Loretta Paganini Cooking Stage will be bigger than ever

*Celebrities include: Ramsin Khachi, Tom Silva, Matt Muenster and Todd Wilbur

Licensed contractor Matt Muenster posing on set.

Now let’s get to the fun part! I have two tickets to leave at the will call desk for the 2015 Great Big Home + Garden Show. You can enter by:

1. Posting a comment on this post telling me what your favorite home/garden show, book or magazine is.

2. Tweet the following (you can tweet once per day and MUST leave a SEPARATE comment for each tweet): I want to win two tickets to the 2015 @GreatBigShow from @dawgpndgirl:

3. Share this post on your Facebook page. Again, please leave a comment telling me you shared.

I am also offering up a $1 discount code if you would like to purchase tickets online. Enter code: DISH15.

Winners can enter until MIDNIGHT January 31, 2015 and will be notified by Monday February 2, 2015. Good luck!

House Hunters Cleveland: Trials, tribulations and triumph

When Dean and I sold our starter home using Zillow’s ‘Make Me Move,’ we really didn’t know what our future held. We knew we had to take the offer, pack our bags, swallow our pride and move into my parents basement, aka ‘the apartment.’

We quickly realized the Real Estate market on Cleveland’s west side (specifically Bay Village, Rocky River, Westlake, Avon Lake and Fairview Park) was on fire. There were homes that were selling before they even hit the MLS. As much as we tried to stay positive, I was feeling pretty discouraged each day as I scoured the Internet looking for our forever home.

One home that got away happened to be in Bay and was the one and only house that Dean and I were both in love with. For me, it was the city and area I wanted to be in, had an amazing kitchen and if you stood on your tippy toes could even see the lake. For Dean, it had a large attached garage along with a separate detached garage, a large backyard and a driveway that went on for days. That house sold within 8 hours of being on the market. From then on, we knew if we were in love with a home, there was no time to waste and we needed to be ready to move fast.

That situation happened again and again…but the homes never held a candle to that first one that got away. Next, we decided to make an offer on a old and outdated house in Westlake. It was on a large lot and we thought we could expand the home and build our dream house. After some shady business with the seller, we backed out of the deal.

Shortly after that, we visited another Westlake home the day it went on the market. Over dinner and drinks with my parents that same evening, we decided to make an offer that night. Of course there were 13 other offers that weekend. The sellers asked for everyone’s ‘best and final’ offer by Sunday night. We knew we had to up our offer and go above full asking price. We made it to the final two and lost out because the other buyers were cash buyers. This is when I started to get extremely worried. We couldn’t compete with that.

One hot summer Saturday I was baking in the sun on my parent’s deck when I got an email notification about a house that was right through my parents’ backyard and looked AMAZING. One quick call to my Realtor Melissa Mellon and I was in the house within the hour.


The home was overpriced but I was in love. I didn’t even ask Dean to visit the house because it was out of our price range. However, the house didn’t sell that first weekend. And I had learned over the prior few months that it hadn’t sold because it was obviously overpriced.

Weeks and months went by. The price kept dropping so Dean and I visited the house (many times). We decided to go for it and submit an offer. That offer was denied. That’s when I told myself I needed to forget this house all together.

To my shock, a few weeks later, Dean had talked to the city about some projects he was interested in investigating and told me he wanted to make another offer. A few stressful days later, OUR OFFER WAS ACCEPTED.



Have you ever heard that saying good things come to those who wait? It sure is true in this instance. While we were only in ‘the apartment’ for six months, it was a major life change considering Dean and I lived together for six years on our own beforehand.

Our first night in the house.

Our first night in the house.

We’ve been getting settled in over the past two months and Cabela is happy to have her own yard again. She’s still battling the deer for full ownership though!

Cabela in Backyard

As I write this blog post, Dean is making dinner, the fireplace is lit and Cabela is on my lap. All is right in the world.

Best Fans Week 2014

The Browns have certainly stepped up their fan experience game over the past two years. Much of that is owed to Cleveland Browns President Alec Scheiner. From Swagger on the sidelines to new turnstyles at the entrances and enhanced infrastructure throughout the stadium, it’s hard to miss.



As we head into the last home game week of the season, the Browns have unveiled ‘Best Fans Week.’ This week is dedicated to us, the best fans out there.

This season has been exciting with plenty of highs and lows. But one thing I can always be certain of is having fun when I head downtown on Sundays with my crew.


From the 10 hours of prizes kicking off this morning to the #ThrowbackThursday campaign on Thursday, the Browns are doing their part to get the fans rallying around a team that needs it’s loud champions this weekend against the Bengals.

So join me and let’s show the world why we are THE BEST FANS around. And also…JOHNNY MANZIEL!! See you Sunday, Cleveland.

Disclosure: I was contacted by the Browns marketing department to help support Best Fans Week. I was not asked to blog but did so because I love the Brownies.

Browns Sundays are Fundays

The Browns are 5-3…Above 500…Pinch me.

I don’t discriminate when it comes to Sunday Fundays in the fall. The first half of the Browns season is proof of that. Yes, I love going to as many home games as I can, but between work, travel and having a life, that doesn’t always happen.

However, this past weekend it did. Over the past few years we’ve been invited down to Tabitha’s annual chili cook off and this year we finally made it!

Who wouldn't want to take a picture with these Browns fans?

Who wouldn’t want to take a picture with these Browns fans?

Dean and I also continued to have an epic Sunday Funday with Alexa and her hubs in the Club Level. We may or may not have spent most of the time bellied up at the bar…

Tailgating and Club Level partying at the Tampa Bay  game

Tailgating and Club Level partying at the Tampa Bay game.

My dad even tailgated for a bit. His second time ever. He’s awesome.

Rewind to the Raiders game, Dean and I decided on a whim to invite our ‘rents and close friends over for a clambake leading up to the late afternoon game. If you didn’t know, Dean loves his clams and I love my Browns so it ended up being a win-win! And a Browns win! Albeit an ugly one.

First Browns party at the new pad

First Browns party at the new pad.

Since the Browns won, we had to light a quick fire and blow off some celebratory fireworks. HI NEW NEIGHBORS! ;)

Surprisingly, the first game we attended was the Steelers game. Dean’s cousin was in town to show her Brit Boy how Browns fans do football. So to the Muni Lot it was! To my dismay, said Brit, Gary, was a Browns fan before he met Cassie. TRUE LOVE I SAY!

Tailgating before wailing on the Steelers!

Tailgating before wailing on the Steelers!

Following the about friggin’ time amazing beating we put on the Steelers, we went to celebrate at The Map Room. Which was obnoxiously packed. But Frowns and I witnessed the photo below. It was all worth it:

No caption needed

No caption needed

Enter the home opener. As much as I tried to convince myself that I was going to stay home and be responsible for Christmas in Cleveland, I couldn’t resist. I had a long week of travel early the next morning but that didn’t stop me from staying away from tailgating and our not-so-secret favorite place to watch a game, The Map Room.

Tailgating and Map Room partying at the home opener.

Tailgating and Map Room partying at the home opener.

Lori and Danielle pulled off one of the best reverse photo bombs, right? To this stranger’s defense, Map Pizza is the best pizza.

I miss the days The Map Room was a hidden gem, but I’m happy Cleveland is thriving and bars are packed. There’s no arguing that it’s an exciting time to be a Clevelander.

As I write this post, the Browns are 5-3 and play the Bengals in less than 24 hours in what’s being called the biggest game since 2007. I’m throwing it out there…I think we’ll make a run for a wildcard and end the season at 10-6. Call me crazy. Call me what you want. I call me a fan who see’s that we’re on the cusp of being an AFC North juggernaut.

What’s your prediction for the rest of the Browns season?

Winter Market: Sip, Shop, Stroll

It’s hard to believe but the holidays are right around the corner. It’s even harder to believe because I’m currently relaxing on the couch as the 80 degree temperatures blow through the open windows. Only in Cleveland, I guess.

If you’re into getting shopping done before the holiday madness takes over your life and love supporting local businesses, I have the event for you! The Winter Market: Sip, Shop, Stroll will be taking place next month on Rocky River’s popular Linda Street and will be chock full of Cleveland flair and flavor.

Over 25 vendors will be participating in the event along with the Linda Street hosts listed below. Who can you expect? Fresh Brewed Tees, Team Bride Apparel, Paladar Latin Kitchen and Rum Bar, Wandering Wardrobe, Chill Pop Shop, Yates Apothecary and Heirloom Greetings, just to name a few.

The hosts of this year’s events are: Lather a salon, Rocky River Wine Bar, Market Restaurant and Bar, Delzani’s Cycle, Tommy’s PlaceGesturesClosets, Nalu Standup Paddle & Surf, Sean Luis Salon and Beachcliff Cabinet & Design.


What you need to know:

• Thursday, November 20, 2014; 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

• Linda Street in Rocky River

• Admission and parking for the event are free

Follow @SipShopStroll on Twitter and like them on Facebook for the latest updates on vendors and other announcements. So grab a friend and join us the week before Thanksgiving to get a head start on your holiday shopping! #ShopLocal!

Disclosure: I am friends with the owner of Lather a salon and was asked to help promote the event. As always, all opinions are mine.

Life updates as summer 2014 comes to an end

Hi! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve used the blog machine. I’ve missed you!

This spring and summer has been an overwhelming, fun, adventurous, stressful and fast 5 months. From house-hunting around the clock (stay tuned for a house hunters CLE post soon) to jetting off to Mexico all while trying to balance our social calendar, I feel like our summer flashed by in the blink of an eye. Bright side? It was fun as Hell and we documented it on our iPhones…

Celebrating one year of marriage! Dean and I spent a quick 5 days in Cozumel and Playa del Carmen:


Boating with fellow #LakeErieLovers, celebrating at my cousin’s wedding and getting in some namaste before 3sisters Yoga officially opened:


Alissa came to town and we made the most of the weekend. She’s my original marina gangsta! And I slang some beers at The Design Surfaces golf outing:

summer2014-3Annual trip with marina friends to Vermilion and our amazing #MarinaFlexFriday turns into Beachland Ballroom adventure:

picstitch (3)

My new tattoo which sadly only lasted 12 hours, loving on my niece and a 5-day trip to Orlando for work. We partied at Universal Studios and geeked out at Diagon Alley.

summer2014-5We made some seriously fantastic memories this summer but all good things must come to an end. I’m sad to swap my bikinis and sunscreen for boots and Browns gear, but I have a feeling this  fall will go down in the books for us.  And I’m not going to lie, I’ve been loving the perfect running weather, pumpkin coffees and NFL Sundays (and Mondays. And Thursdays).

Happy autumn my friends! Go Browns!